Rules and Agreements

NOISE and PARTIES – Residents may not create or encourage any type of noise at a level that disturbs other residents. If you elect to have parties and loud disturbances, your Lease will be terminated immediately.  A separate signed agreement is required.

LOITERING will not be permitted anywhere on the property, including the hallways, laundry rooms, parking areas, and on other common areas. No open containers of alcohol are permitted in the parking lots, stairwells, hallways, laundry rooms or any common areas of Bloomfield.

PARKING is a problem. We would like to encourage the Residents in 2B & 2C to use the upper lot so as to relieve some of the congestion in the lower lot. Do not park in front of the Garbage Dumpsters, in front of the entranceways to the buildings, or in reserved spaces. You will be towed. Non-working or non-registered cars should be removed from the parking lots. All residents’ vehicles must be registered at the Bloomfield Office. Those vehicles not registered with us may be towed at the owners’ expense. You will be issued a parking permit. Should your permit be found on another vehicle, you will not be issued another and your vehicle will be towed if it is on the lot.

GARBAGE must be put INTO the Dumpsters. No garbage is to be put in the hallways, laundry rooms or on the balconies. It is your responsibility to get rid of all junk furniture. The Dumpster is for household garbage only. Recycling is required. One of the Dumpsters at each location is for cardboard only, no garbage.

FURNACE and Air Conditioning Closets should not be used for storage. This may block the flow of air needed for proper operation. Do not use the Air Conditioner when the winter covers are installed on the outside of the unit.

BALCONIES must be kept neat, clean, and free of debris. Hanging of signs and banners is prohibited.

FLAMMABLE LIQUIDS such as Gasoline & Kerosene are not to be brought into the buildings.

LOCK-OUT FEE A charge to open any apartment which has been accidently or carelessly locked. If we are on the premises there will be no charge. Otherwise, between 8AM & 7PM it is $40.00, between 7PM & 8AM it is $75.00.

WATER is expensive and must be conserved. Please notify us of any leaking faucets or toilets. Water is to be used for normal household cleaning, flushing, and bathing.

KEEP YOUR APARTMENT CLEAN We reserve the right to make periodic inspections. You will be notified before any entry is made to your apartment. Absolutely NO PAINTING OR ALTERATIONS are to be made to the apartment.

PETS Absolutely NO PETS of any kind.

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